Enhancing your natural beauty

Expertly performed facial aesthetics treatments in Southend-on-Sea

With cosmetic facial procedures becoming more and more popular in the UK, we at Focus Dental Clinic offer our clients the opportunity to experience our incredible facial aesthetics treatments right here in SouthendonSea. Using the latest techniques and technology available in the industry, we can offer fantastic results at competitive prices. 

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Reverse the signs of ageing

Facial aesthetic treatments can assist with slowing and even reversing the appearance of signs of ageing. We have a wide variety of facial aesthetic treatments available in our Essex clinic to fulfil any need you may have.

Stringent health and safety requirements

We take your health and safety very seriously here at Focus Dental Clinic. Wherever possible we use disposable instruments, and we comply with and frequently exceed the protocols for dental health and safety as set in the UK, Europe and the USA. Our facility has a separate room for the decontamination process, as recommended by the current guideline, we use only the latest sterilisation machines and hygiene methods so you can rest assured that your health is always being protected.

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